Monday, July 25, 2016


Crazy blue-eyed blond Camy crash lands her vintage car into a stonewall and metaphorically kills off the long time Hillary Clinton supporter Tom Cruise in the fall election season of the VANILLA SKY prophecy. ~ Then it dream-cuts to that same vintage WWII toy plane that Harrison Ford crash landed on a symbolic Donald Trump golf course in Area Code 310. ~ Ergo, the color of 31 FLAVORS' vanilla icecream is white; and the color of their chocolate rocky road icecream full of nuts and mini marshmallows is brown. ~ And this pre-Obama 2001 movie ends with Tom taking a leap of faith from on top of the TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan, New York, circa 2016. ~ GSR/TWN  ~ FLASHBACK NOTES: In the above fantasy politics film, the old aged establishment's [7 hills] dwarfs are trying to steal David's 51% vote in order to take over his magazine inheritance called RISE. ~ [Cruise is a 5'4" Woody Allen Martin Scorsese type dwarf figure.]  ~ No coincidence that Cameron's 2016 movie came out in 2001; after Trump is elected, and before Trump is inaugurated. ~ LIFE EXTENSION NOTES: In the above visionary physical transfiguration picture, the book author of LIFE THE SEQUEL is interviewed on TV at Penelope Cruz' pad at 35:25 minutes on my DVD. ~ JEW NOTES: That old socialist athiest Jew from Brooklyn stabbed his naive, and low information supporters in the back because that is what the doulbe-talking Jews do. ~ "How was your house [of Israel] after the party?" VANILLA SKY. ~ "White man speak with forked tongue." yada yada. ~ E.T. NOTES: Those unprecedented rapid moving wildfires are happening in the same suberban [Bush Hills] highland foothills housing development areas where they shot E.T. ~

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