Saturday, July 2, 2016


That famous 666 Holocaust denier who wrote NIGHT and DAWN died on the same damn day that the reviews rolled out about my new born sweet ride baby named after me called DAWN, at: ~ Of course, that other famous Jewish Democrat Party 666 denier, named after the 7 hills beast in REV.13, was also denying everything in her symbolic 3 1/2 hours FBI interrogation/interview on this historic desecrated Fourth of July day 1290 weekend. ~ By the by. ~ I never imagined myself behind the wheel of an English RR simply because the optics were a bit too tacky much. ~ However, this new one I can see. ~ It's a lot more fit and trim looking. ~ And most of my regular GSR/TWN reader folks who get it, and see me driving around town in it, will just think that I got me a new BMW 3 CONVERTIBLE GIRL car for the shits and giggles. ~ Or maybe one of those fancy A8s like Tom Brady drives. ~ Whatever, do you remember that middleaged overweight East Indian [THE LOVE GURU] anima persona with so many 29ish looking wives, who was always driving around Bend, Oregon's famous fly fishing country in an open-top RR? While I myself was renting a little white house in Portland on Taylor Ferry Road? ~ And then he got deported for being an illegal alien who had overstayed his high-tech company's workers visa? ~ For a prophecy about the time when Donald Trump will be President? ~ Oh yeah, me again. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TEMPLE OF DOOM NOTES: That bus full of negro Voodoo christian pagans from Haiti crashed and burned on HWY.98 in Florida for the fiery underground blood cleansing rites in INDY:2, 1984. ~ Think about it; Obama is not a US citizen; not a real Christian, and not even a real negro. ~ And that guy who gets dipped into the flaming volcano is wearing a Hawaiian tourist lei around his neck.

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