Saturday, July 16, 2016


Trump picked the plain speaking and soft spoken man from Zionsville, Indiana because his home town is east of Royalton, and west of Fishers and Fall Creek. ~ For the no.12 royal coachman fly peacock feathers in Wes Anderson's India movie. ~ Which are given to the three brothers inside of a plain [GSR/TWN] manila envelope. ~ That is confirmed a second time when we find the father's Hemingway inspired [INVISIBLE MAN] short stories book in the trunk of Ken Keisler's 1996ish Scarlett 911, built in the 1980s, at the German car repair shop. ~ Ergo, the film's alpine questing Buddhist Scotish Ken McLeod look alike brother casting. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN: I have also reserved a special place at the D&C 58 table for you in ROMA, 1973. ~ Pull up a chair and dig in. ~ Fame and fortune is worthless if you don't have old friends and family to share it with; "...share the shares." ~

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