Saturday, July 30, 2016


Alice is reading a 2016 Christmas season born again NEW YORKER magazine when the trumpets start up again; and we see a DEWAR'S PROFILE scotch ad on the back cover. ~ Meaning that sensible Sheriff Joe type [birth certificate] profiling will be allowed again when America has a new law and order President at the Casa Blanca. ~ For example, that Russian kid who was studying computer hacking at Bothell's UW campus shot those four kids in the night at the Clinton ferry town north of PAINE FIELD. ~ Which goes over to Deer Lake, Whidbey Island for my "deer in the headlights" post. ~ Reportedly, the guy got up on the roof and started sniping at people like Bradly Cooper's character does in AMERICAN SNIPER, at: ~Meanwhile, Clinton has been having a cow because Trump has been profiling her and calling her names on the campaign stump. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORION NOTES: Orion is also known as the sign of war, with his REV.19 sword belt, etc. ~ NIXON NOTES: Donald Trump is everything that Richard Nixon ever fantasized about being in his wildest dreams. ~ But he didn't have that kind of talent; so all of the New York Jews worked behind the scenes to get him fired. ~

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