Thursday, July 14, 2016


People all over the small Mormon town in Lincoln County, Nevada felt that huuuge car bomb Wednesday night. Which is located in the dry open countryside just south of the [Owen] Wilson Creek Range; next to White Rock Peak. ~ For that giant white elephant shrine on a mountain top at the end of THE DARJEELING LIMITED. ~ Right after the ROLLING STONES sing, "...don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire." ~ And the song played over the end credits is in French. ~ Note the one brother holding a bomb, and the other brother wearing a Hawaiian lei in this pre-Obama desecrated temple movie at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ E.T. NOTES: No. Really. A road called "Extraterrestrial Highway" runs across western Lincoln County, NV, north of Bald Mountain.  ~ Nearby Belted Range is for the leather belt temple cleansing warnings in the above 2007 film. ~ Much like Indy's messianic leather whip of Jesus in the INDIANA JONES movies. ~ "Whip it!.. Whip it good!.." DEVO.

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