Sunday, July 24, 2016


Brad was papped leaving NYC on Sunday in full white temple garments just for the shits and giggles, at: ~ Whatever, I was thinking more long hair Dude, less short hair Walter, for THE SON OF LEBOWSKI: II&III, like at: ~ So how about a compromise? ~ The Dude's two basterd sons from Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon have short haircuts in the first sequel; and as they get older and wiser and a lot more richer; they both have longer hair in the third one. ~ Ergo, the first sequel takes place on a 51' [Hollywood Golden Era] sailboat; the 3rd sequel  takes place on that 91' yatch chartered by the likes of Clark Gable and Rock Hudson. ~ GSR/TWN ~
PS BRAD: I do think that you could play two different non look alike twin brother characters in your next movie. ~ Wherein I would probably have them both fucking two identical twin Chloe Moertz sisters; and they knew it anyway. ~ Having a rich white father who is the King of England does have it's privileges. ~

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