Sunday, July 3, 2016


Those prophetic golden LDS temple-top trumpets of Donald Trump always begin to soar whenever Indy barely escapes certain doom in the INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM Reagan period prophecy. ~ Which ends with the Royal English Stone of Jacob being returned to it's proper place in the Rock of Gibralter temple. ~ As just confirmed by that Jewish kid who got his Danite foot blown off in Centralist Park. ~ Right across the street from where they were memorializing that old Jew who died at 87 without having a clue why shit happens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KILL CRUISE NOTES: The diamond crystal rock theme in the second Indy movie ending is corroborated by the two pre 29ish daughters of Israel in KILL CRIUSE. ~ PS DONNY OSMOND: Whether you like it or not, you will soon be doing major free PSA endorsements on prime time local television for Donald Trump. ~ "This time it's personal." Dr.Evil. ~ They don't call west LA "The city of Angels" for nothing, at: ~ Where you see all of those really rich older dudes, who still look marvelous, riding around in their RRs with the tops pulled down. ~ PS CHARLIE SHEEN: I don't give a shit who or what you ever fucked. ~ I'm casting you in my reborn CHARLIE'S ANGELS series because I want people to know that the temple blood cleansing vampire rights in movies like BRIDES OF DRACULA is the cure to herpes, AIDS, and liberalism, etc. ~ Plus, I love the idea of me playing the secret "Charlie" persona Nazi doctor behind the scenes who looks like Orson Welles does in FAKER and A TOUCH OF EVIL meets THE THIRD MAN in CASINO ROYALE. ~ I AM is a lot like Donald Trump in this way. ~ I know how to turn a typical modestly priced $57,000,000 movie into a $$$$$57 billion $$$$$ jackpot box office bonanza, like at: ~ SHIT HAPPENS NOTES: This link has a good shot of that physically transfigured Jim Carry look alike kid who really stepped in it at:

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