Saturday, July 30, 2016


If the Mormon FBI can not find Barack Obama's real birth certificate, nor Hillary Clinton's deleted 30,000 State Department emails; Michael Medved er all are sure not going to find anything on Donald Trump that amounts to a hill of beans with his secret love affair voters in November, 2016. ~ "There are millions of people who are going to vote for Trump; who don't even know it yet." Dick Morris. ~ Think MATCH POINT meets TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HALLOWEEN NOTES: The dark signs coming out of Turkey are starting to look like some kind of an upcoming turkey time warning. ~ Turkey being the most popular meat in Israel; Michael Medved and his crazy uncle brother being the creators of the GOLDEN TURKEY AWARDS; and all of that stuffing, at: ~ BIRTHDAY PARTY NOTES: Both Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg have birthdays between the time of America's election day, and the Presidential inauguration day in Washington. ~ David Lynch and Paul Allen being born respectively on 1.20 and 1.21. ~ Talk about just making the final ten virgins cut at the last minute. ~ Better late than never. ~

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