Friday, July 29, 2016


That white book of Edna St.Vincent Millary's lesbian poetry beside the bed in ALICE is confirmed by her wiki page time-stamp on 5.6 at 11:56. ~ Per the 1990 movie's white horse prophecy circus scenes that give us the runaround 'for the children'. ~ That is now for the day '11' 1260 days calendar on the wall of the Chinatown medicine wheel doctor. ~ As confirmed by the thunder and lightening and high winds and rains that forced the media to flee from their big tent on 11th Street right before Hillary Clinton's DNC speech. ~ Ironically, they all ran away and went over to some [Lincoln] namesake sports stadium; also located on 11th Street. ~ Good luck with that one. ~ Gregory Scott Relf, TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER. ~ 11TH STREET BAND NOTES:  Check out this unofficial Donald Trump for President web site at: ~ PS HILLARY: There are literally thousands and thousands of free pro Trump [non mormon] websites out there like this one. ~ And there ain't Jack shit that you can do about it. ~ "And the [worldly] earth helped the woman, and the [worldly] earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood [cum] which the dragon cast out of his mouth." REV.12:16 ~ 

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