Sunday, July 17, 2016


Reportedly, Bono got caught wiping the savory brown sauce off of his butt with his pants down at THE PETITE MASON when the shit went down in Nice, at: ~ Then his idiot sidekick [Mt.Irish] guitar man went on twitter and said that nice guys always finish first. ~ Really? ~ Guess somebody needs to eat a little more shit before they have had enough of it. ~ Since when does charity ever rob justice? ~ Ergo, civil rights modernism is just dressed up old fashion fascism in lipstick and makeup.  ~ GSR/TWN ~NICISM NOTES: When the Orwellian state forces the people to be nice, the people become mean and angry and resentful. ~ POLICE REPORTS: The niggers are killing the cops because the cops have been trying to play too nice with them; more John Wayne, less Jesse Jackson. ~ People of all colors resent it when you don't respect them as normal human beings. ~ Add to that, most of today's cities are now run by Jewish homosexuals and lesbians and negro mayors; including their federalised 666 government police department overseerers.

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