Monday, July 11, 2016


The twister that injured some 20 people in Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota was confirmation of the full page message I got from Natalie Portman in Paris via Sunday's NYT. ~ Note the Hwy.59 Watson happening for the negro frog cutting time scenario in E.T. ~ Per the common sense expression among lori drivers and footie fans in England that referes to the French as "the frogs". ~ Which is derived from their official government sedans that look like a giant frog in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL; and all of those trendy PINK PANTHER movies that were happening around the same time. ~ Hence, the little boy from Elliot Bay Srattle saves the frogs. ~ Like the two who will be talking at the CAR 54 memorial Tuesday in Dallas. ~ Which will probably be symtomatic of why Donald Trump squashed his establishment Republican competitors in the primaries. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA WATSON: I sit by the phone all day, yet you never call. ~ Did I say something? ~ PS TRUMP: No coincidence that a Scotsman won this year's WIMBLEDON. ~ Per that guy who got away with political murder just by shear "luck" in MATCH POINT, at: ~ Is it really true that blonds have more fun? ~

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