Monday, July 4, 2016


Shit happens for a reason. ~ That upper Midwest college kid who looks like a younger Garrison Kieller got thrown into HAIL, CAESAR's Tiber River on the same damn day-date USA time that the liberal fantasy college professor [NPR radio] personality did his last show at the Golden Era's HOLLYWOOD BOWL venue. ~ Compare, WITH: ~ Ergo, the above Beau Solomon was from a small town in Wisconsin just west of RT.14's small town called Arena. ~ And that Jewish college kid from the DC area who got a high ankle sprain in Central Park was surnamed Golden. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: They shot the look alike underground mine car escape scenes at the same time in England for A VIEW TO A KILL and INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ The one coming out in 85, the other coming out in 84, only months apart. ~ Same difference, same President Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher period. ~ MORE 42 NOTES: Reportedly, the man with the red shoes did his legal fiction highbrow society FM radio show for 42 years. ~ And then it all came to an end during the campaign for President of Donald Trump; a.k.a. Mr.Skank to you. ~ "Here comes Mr.Wonderful now..." to me in DOMINO meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, at: ~ Note the high EZE.47:1 water tower at the end of HAIL, CAESAR. ~ NEW READER NOTES: When I saw myself as an older man fucking some hot young underaged teenager from Idaho in Woody Allen's so artfully made black and white and gray picture entitled MANHATTAN, I decided right then and there that this is what I want to do in life, come hell or high water; like at: ~ Then my Catholic schoolgirl wife from France suddenly left me for an older man only a few months later; miraculously paving the way to make it all happen for me. ~ Circa BROADWAY DANNY ROSE meets STARBUCKS MEMORIES, at: AND: ~ Then the next thing I know, I'm sitting at the table with Donatella Greco and her sister in Natick, Mass on Rt.9 out of Boston. ~ All expenses paid, courtesy of Paul Nestor. ~

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