Friday, July 8, 2016


When the niggers saw those dead white cops' bodies lying on the street in Dallas, they began to ape the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11:10, that goes... "And they that dwell upon the [gentile] earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry..." like at: ~ So much for LBJ's gay ass CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ Been there, done that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AUSTIN POWERS NOTES: Beyounce co-starred in AP:III because it was an inspired Spielberg corroboration about when it will become fashionable for mixed race fascists to hate white people. ~ Per the trendy film's ridiculously funny MONTY PYTHON type mighty-line that goes... "Dutch hater!!" ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Reportedly, it was an Asian police man who shot that African man in the Twin Cities area for a good reason. ~ For a 1290 DAYS INN confirmation of gog magog invading northern Ephraimite Israel in the last days of EZE:38. ~ Think about it. ~ The abomination of desolation has borrowed trillions from these people. ~ And when we can't pay them back, they are going to show up at our door steps in California and ask for some kind of a reasonable settlement. ~ Add to that; most of those yellow skinned horny-as-hell submarine sailor invaders in the 1941 prophecy had no women. ~ PS BARRY: The ongoing imperialistic capitalistic invasion of Africa by the extremely rich and darker skinned Chinese is a very economically uplifting thing. ~ Lord knows, the wild at heart and lawless negro is just too uncivilized to make it on his own. ~ Hence, all of those TARZAN movies about the stampeding and trumpeting elephants of Donald Trump's Republican Party in the 2016 election. ~ Oh yeah, if not for my successful BYU years as a stainless steel VITA MIX 3600 blender pitchman from Cleveland, Ohio during the 1970s, I would not be the man who I AM is today. ~ PS CHARLIE: This month's half moon happens on Sandra Bullock's birthday. ~ "It's all written in the cards!!" LIVE AND LET DIE. ~ "It's all written in the stars!!" PEE WEE HERMAN. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: When the weak old men like your Greek wedding father finally come forward and vote for Donald Trump,  it will then be safe again for you to come and get me. ~ Because you will want to be the first on your Beverly Hills, LA [Highlands] block to have an unspotted baby Jesus child with me. ~ Who will be born [again] unto you from the royal Holly Grail blood of the 666 antichrist antihero in ROSEMARY'S BABY:II meets HANNA AND HER SISTERS:II. ~ I'm not promising anything right now. ~ But we could probably get Paul Nestor to direct. ~ Everyone in Hollywood loves to claim that they were the first one to discover the latest indie filmmaker sensation. ~

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