Friday, July 1, 2016


Nothing happens in life for no reason whatsoever. ~ For instance, that third generation Michael Moore look alike pizzaria owner-operater in Brooklyn was just gunned down at his house in confirmation of the law that says the white flour sins of the fathers will come down particularly hard on the third generation, at: ~ And for an amazing second witness, the no.1 daughter of the co-star in THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, and the 1st cousin to the co-star of MYSTIC PIZZA meets PRETTY WOMAN meets NOTTING HILL, London, says that she likes to dip her pizza slice into a little ranch dressing at Charlie Theron's love shack, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ YOU BETCHA NOTES: Let me guess, Notting Hill, London is no longer a safe bet for going out at night if you are a white person with bleached blond hair. ~ PS KEN KEMP: You could buy that love shack on Half Moon Lake with a limited partnership and then rent it out to me and the girls as a tax free money laundering enterprise. ~ When Donald Trump becomes El President, his DOJ will just look the other way when it comes to me doing whoever I want to do. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Figure a $2,000,000 resort property investment partnership like the one that I have my eye on at Half Moon Lake is worth about 20k a week in rental income. ~ Which is about how much it would cost my girlfriends and I just to charter a private jet, and then a private 007 helicopter just to get up there in one day's time. ~ But you better act quick, or I AM will just cut you out of the deal. ~ And maybe, just maybe, I just put Ken McLeod in there as just some kind of a token tax free income game-keeper, slash, river-keeper 'person' with full privileges. ~ INDY:II NOTES: Basically, INDY:II is about what a con job reformed christian Buddhism is. ~

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