Saturday, July 16, 2016


The desecrated temple of a thousand bullshits begins at about 22:00 minutes into THE DARJEELING LIMITED. ~ Where that song about the filthy dirty pigeon doo doo starts up as we see images of the US Capital covered with it's restorative scaffoldling. ~ Which is scheduled to be finished and come down completely by January, 17,  2017; in time for the inauguration of President Trump. ~ And then we see the mountain top White Rock Peak shrine in Lincoln County, Nevada. ~ Followed up by that Danite box full of TNT. ~ And all 3 brothers of the lost 12 tribes of the House of Israel are wearing Hawaii leis. ~ While praying over those HARRY POTTER votive [2016 election] candles made by Peter's pregnant REV.17 girlfriend.  ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: You are pretty much sitting in the [3 Jewish brothers] drivers' seat right now. ~ Just like I AM is played in the above 2007 movie; after all these years. ~ Per this snap shot imaging-message worth a thousand words from my underaged movie star wife who would love to play the girl in my TAXI DRIVER meets MANHATTAN remakes. ~ Don't worry, Martin Scorsese would never call me back in a thousand years; not to mention Steven Spielberg, er all, until it is too late. ~ Which means that you now get to pick and choose the jobs that you want, like at: ~

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