Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If I was a young loser with no budget who was still trying to make it big in show biz; here is what I would try today. ~ ~ Partner up with a couple of your best NYU film school buddies and have them follow around Woody Allen's latest film shoot locations in NYC and LA. Using very high-power binoculars from a respectable distance in order to capture every blocking move made by the film's famous director and famous actors. ~ ~ Then later, I would come back to the exact same places and shoot my on private look alike indie film using the exact same moves and the exact same actor expressions with a full cast of look alike actors. But who would be reading their lines from your completely different screenplay. ~ ~ Personally, I would go for some kind of a retro UFO invasion religious cult thing. ~ ~ Call it NAPOLEON DYNAMITE:II, Back To Film School; or maybe even JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR FUCKER. Whatever, just do it. What do you got to lose anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT NOTES: Stephen King's IT prophecy ends with Ken Kemp riding down hill fast with Jennifer Garner on a classic Indian medicine wheel bicycle cure from the 1950s era of low budget Wi-Fi horror movies. [His father was a drug store pharmacist in San Diego.] ~ ~ [Woody Allen's mother and father always wanted him to become a pharmacist in Brooklyn.] ~ ~ POLITICAL NOTES: You may ask yourself, what is more boring than a network TV president debate? And I would answer; the latest moronic never-ending reports in the high society liberal mormon neo con media about money in politics. ~ ~ Get over it. It doesn't matter anymore. ~ ~ Haven't you heard? The internet is way more powerful and interesting than expensive old school newspaper advertising and 1950s era network television advertising. ~ ~ Talk about a billion dollars in free publicity for your next low budget film festival rip off movie from out of nowhere on UTUBE. ~ ~ Wink wink, hint hint, like at: ~ ~

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