Friday, August 21, 2015


The news rolled out about Megan Fox breaking up with her Mr. Green husband wanna be-alike at the same time that my newest postings were rolling out about the Megan character in LAGGIES. ~ ~ Like when Megan Knightley tells Annika Moretz that, "You just got to suck it up, and go with your gut." ~ ~ And then the low budget Seattlite indie film, probably shot with a used SONY video camera, comes to an end with the very same box of cheap watered-down jug wine that yours truly was pitching during all of those late night movie TV commercials back in the swinging 70s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEXT UP NOTES: Since I had an unforgetable dream back on August 22 of last year, 2014, wherein that little Korean shop of horrors convenience store in Bonney Lake, Washington exploded; just like that MOTEL 666 in Bremerton, Washington exploded; that represented that hotel swimming pool baptism scene in the opening of LAGGIES; God has been recently hinting to me that now might be the time to watch something like INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. And if that doesn't interest me, how about M.A.S.H.? And if not that, then why not something like that fabulous James Bond 007 movie that starts out in North Korea? ~ ~ Remember; in the Kingdom of God there are no hard and fast laws. Only politically and spiritually correct suggestions that are a bit too much on the harsh side to ignore. ~ ~ Therefore, beware of any man made cheap immitations that inverably come from some 666 [NIKE] slave sweat shop in Asia. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL: God inspired you to drop out of Yale's law school and try to become a Hollywood GOLDEN TURKEY AWARD screenwriter based in Venice Beach, LA for a Providential reason. For when the time would come that you would be regularly interviewing that Jewish [FADDING GIGOLO] neo con conservative on your talk radio show who sounds exactly like the voice of Donald Trump. ~ ~ Careful now, don't give up on me. ~ ~ You are probably talking about the very thing that God wants you to be talking about right now. ~ ~ Remember, that really creepy old man who kept starring at you during your live 4th of July broadcast back in the anticommunist 1990s [1260] 570 radio days was non other than my own father.

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