Monday, August 10, 2015


Federal regulators made the Animas River in Barack Obama's Color/ado become orange from mine waste as a sign from God that the abomination of desolation from Chinatown, Chicago is as queer as the girly eye lashes boys in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Even the 1290 days prince in DANIEL who does not respect the desires of women. ~ ~ For a second witness, 7 shoppers took the gas pipe overnight Sunday at a 24hr WAL*MART in Orange County, Florida; next to Conway. ~ ~ Think MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT meets RADIO DAYS; because Saturday/Sunday was a Crescent moon night. ~ ~ Just a reminder, the Animas River [Soul river] begins near Red Mountain in San Juan County; which is Spanish for Saint John the Revelator County. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GRAND SCALE NOTES: The fancy hotel in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy was for blond people in particular. According to the time when a blond hotel owner-operator would become the king of the mountain. ~ ~ Note the Buckley, Washington stag standing on top of the Big Foot look alike pinnacle with Mt. Rainier in the background at about, 1:27:11 minutes. Hence, one of the 50 something prison escapees in Clinton County, NY also had a talent for drawing and scetching. ~ ~ Of course, they also had some insider help with the job. ~ ~ WRAP UP NOTES: That family was murdered by a symbolic [black uniform] man on Falling Oaks in Houston because that is where Wes Anderson grew up. ~ ~ The lady who got her arm chommped off by a pesty alligator in Florida represented those alligators surrounding the old brick and stone New York prison in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. ~ EL BJ NOTES: That colored river down in Texas also feeds the state's LBJ lake dam prophecy. ~ ~ HASTY TASTY NOTES: At 1:19 am last night, I dreamed that Ken McLeod and I were both working at one of those open-all-night diners in DARK PASSAGE meets THE LADY IN RED. When the greasy-spoon joint's manager finally got so tied of the two of us horsing around; [I was the short-order grill cook, Ken was the main waiter at the stool counter.] that he reminded us both that we had recently agreed to quit working there in September. Which was well more than the customary two weeks notice. Whereupon I said "...more like the end of September." In order to give us both as much time as possible to find another situation somewhere else.

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