Wednesday, August 26, 2015


That media bimbo was shot by your typical Donald Trump supporter of course. That is and unless you are still living in some kind of a black hole alterative tv reality show universe. ~ ~ For example, that crazy 14 year-old boy who held his teacher at gunpoint in Western Virginia went down just west of Nestorville. Because in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL movie, the naive young anti-nazi Jew boy is a Paul Nestor look alike; circa 1978. ~ ~ I kid you not, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KING OF NEW YORK NOTES: That light-skinned nigger who gunned down that bleached-blond Jew media [BJ] bitch IN COLD BLOOD was one of my root beer drinking buddies in the above movie about the counterattack on Chinatown that is about to go Dow. ~ ~ PS DAVE: For Christ sake, can you at least find it in you to cast my aging it-girl wife [Sienna Miller] as the local shady log lady in your new and improved TWIN PEAKS series for SHOWTIME? ~ ~ I mean think about it; the extremely professional secret hand jobs and blow jobs; the full on frontal missionary position sex. ~ ~ Not to mention the shit loads of money from that crazy bald-headed white-face clown who takes his lunch almost every day up in the Space Needle; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ CAPOTE NOTES: At the end of this prophetic pre-obama 2004 movie about today's Sodom and Egypt captivity situation, we learn that some crazy eyed killer will return again in the persona of the Denver, Colorado 16-plex theater 9 shooter.

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