Monday, August 24, 2015


My own private 1990 prophecy entitled KING OF NEW YORK is my own personal and very special endorsement of today's midnight king of 666 New York as the next President of 1/3 of America. ~ ~ Wherein Frank White finally gets out of Madonna's pop culture singer 'SING SING' prison of politically correct 666 captivity and immediately starts killing off all of those illegal alien 666 drug dealers and their high society 666 political party running dog facilitators. ~ ~ And in the end, he metaphorically dies in a yellow 666 taxi stuck in traffic outside of the [MOTEL 666] HOWARD JOHNSON. ~ ~ Once he realizes that there is no more of that easy fed funny money left for socialized medicine. ~ ~ Of course, the neo Marxist joke about wealth taxation is what is happening right now in the 666 stock markets all around the world. ~ ~ You make fun of me, I make fun of you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIXER NOTES: The newly single [Vegas hotel casino gambler] Ben Affleck decided to also jump into the GSR/TWN mix with this Harry Potter Tee at: AND: ~ ~ PS MEL: Back on 8.11 at 7:11 pm, I had a flash vision of a beautiful young woman with very long brunet hair riding a white horse across the Old Buckley Hwy east of Fennel Creek. So the next day I rushed over there and found an empty 12 oz. can of Hawaiian fruit punch flavor KICK START lying on the ground. The same kind of renewed energy drink that you would find at any local 7-11 convenience store, for example. ~ ~ CORRECTION: In my Woody Allen earthquake dream that took place in Provo, Utah, an excited Scarlett Johansson informed me that the Wood Man had 29 new lines of dialogue for me in his next movie; not 29 screenplay pages. Which is a significant difference if you know anything about filmmaking. ~ ~ PRISON MOVIE NOTES: Philip Seymour Hoffman's brilliant 2006 prison movie for blond guys called CAPOTE is next up. Then it's THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ ~ Mind you, I rarely give my GSR/TWN readers this much of an advanced warning.

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