Thursday, August 27, 2015


Woody Allen slipped and fell on the beach in Malibu while he was shooting some footprints in the sand homage to THE INVISIBLE MAN meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ In confirmation of my post about me not caring if he drops dead; just as long as I get my 29 rewritten lines in his next typical genius reshoot movie. ~ ~ Plus I get a very generous among of tax free per diem cash money on the barrel, Italiano Fellini style, on a daily basis. ~ ~ Since 1989's production of KING OF NEW YORK was your typical Italian production filmmaking deal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VINO NOTES: My own private forerunner Orson Welles did some of his best work during his anti IRS fugitive period in western Europe; such as THE THIRD MAN. ~ ~ VMA NOTES: Last year I had a really wild and crazy dream about about me throwing a bomb made out of a hairspray can into the mix at the VMAs. Then the next day, I found a used copy of the HAIRSPRAY musical remake starring Christopher Walker. ~ ~ PS JT: I'm gonna need you to wrap up your funny business with Jennifer Aniston as soon as possible. ~ ~ For God's sake, they start shooting TWIN PEAKS:II next week. ~ ~ Oh yeah, it's showtime. ~ ~ REVERSE LOGIC NOTES: Last night on MIDNIGHT COWBOY telephone caller radio, Clyde Lewis finally admitted that his two parents are Utah style Mormons; better late than never; all is well that ends well. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: Back in the 1970s I was a regular customer at LAMBS cafe in SLC, UT. Apparently the legendary greasy spoon joint has now become born again at: ~ ~

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