Sunday, August 9, 2015


The King made his all time favorite movie at the 666 world's fair in Seattle around the very same time that LBJ and the boys down in Texas passed the rediculously unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ Now flash forward to 2015, when that Jewish democratic socialist got mugged in Seattle by those two look alike Oprah Winfrey nigger bitches. In confirmation of Taylor Swift being in town on the same day. Who was also recently mugged in the same way by a nigger at some kind of same thing VMA awards show. ~ ~ The SEATTLE TIMES didn't call me "the king of the bloggers" back in 1999 for nothing. ~ ~ Yeah, lost Israel's Bernie the Jew boy clown, who currently is traveling across America handing out free B&J Vermont icecream cones, is going to crash and burn just like that PIPER 46 did in the Clinton County region of New York. That represented those two killers of Judah and Ephraim who escaped through a big underground pipe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CORRECTION: Having thought about it overnight, I am not entirely sure if Guy Richie once refered to his X as 'It' or as 'Thing'. Please forgive me if I got it wrong this time. ~ ~ PS EMMA WATSON: The only reason why I felt impressed to post that porn video link that looks like you are getting fucked in the [Brown University] hole by Dirk Diggler in the BOGGIE NIGHTS prophecy, is because I still have those blinding bright neon light hots for you. ~ ~ Remember, Jesus doesn't even remember what your sins were after you repent and become baptised into the Mormon church based in Utah, for now. ~ ~ Like I don't have enough bigger things to worry about right now as it is. ~ ~ X WIFE FACTOR NOTES: Hang in there darling. ~ ~ The fact that I have pointed out over and over again that you are indeed my former adulterous French wife who cheated on me in the prophetic 1970s era LAST TANGO IN PARIS; it doesn't mean that I AM is through with you. ~ ~ On the contrary, even Donald Trump's X has endorsed him to be the next King of America. ~ ~ Why go for that lilly white ass third way blond hair fascism thing anyway; when one can go for the whole thing?

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