Monday, August 3, 2015


It hurt a lot of people when my Woody Allen magic movie post about Chinatown, Chicago rolled out; and then suddenly a big fair tent in Wood Dale, Chicago just magically blew away in the wind and hail. ~ ~ Then some hours later, 9 niggers were hurt real bad at a duplex of Judah and Ephraim shoot out on Stanley Ave. and Crescent [moonlight] Street in Jewish socialist neo con Brooklyn, NY. ~ ~ At least that is how city council member Art Woods described it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BERLINER NOTES: No one had a clue that the 70s something Jew from New Berlin, Vermont would now be running on the reformed fascism ticket back when Woody was shooting MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT's magic show opening "BERLIN 1928" scenario. ~ ~ "You're all too old!" says It when me and the boys get back together one last time in the final battle against the anti-white darkies of gog and magog in EZE.38, etc. ~ ~ Therefore, if you have been following my regular non-stop GSR/TWN newsletter blog for the past 21 years, you know that Bonney Lake's very own Bruce Troxell is one of the original lucky 7 members of "The Loser's Club" in the Stephen King IT prophecy, circa 1990. ~ ~ IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT NOTES: That is the well spoken and college educated Barack Obama in this 1967 movie. Who comes down from Chicago to give me a hand with today's naive white man christian Bible Belt troubles, at: ~ ~ For example, my two toned sidekick in THE LONE RANGER wants to hit you over the head today with his new smoking laws and taxing regulations for the remainder of his 42 months. Because most of you pale face liars still think that THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 was about as constitutional as an illegal alien being in charge of America's armed forces.

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