Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It will be hosting various Jewish late night talk show fans and socialistic community leaders in the haunted White House mansion of Ms. Roosevelt today. ~ ~ According to yesterday's -12.90 NASDAQ announcement that happened shortly before that clown circus tent blew away up in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Note the 8.4 birthday boy clown balloons confirmation at: http://media.giphy.com/media/CgueQ55XydeE0/giphy.gif ~ ~ Which was a 1990 prophecy about the time when Stephen King would vote two times for the DANIEL 12 Israel River figure. Even after he was run over by a soccer mom van that had a big black dog of the devil riding along in it named Bullit; while he was walking along some country road in Derry, Maine. ~ ~ Shit happens, even to the best of us. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLOWN POSSE NOTES: No coincidence that all of those "big tent" Republican neo con clowns were up in New Hampshire on Monday, except for Donald Trump. ~ ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: The original eastern Jewish brooktrout stock that both you and I enjoyed catching in the days of our youth came from the state hatcheries in New Hampshire. See what I mean for example like at: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_River ~ ~ For the sake of our less initiated Scottish Rights temple readers, probably 99% of all brooktrout fly fishing happens in the state where we were born to rule happens in small lakes and beaver pounds like; King Lake, Texas Pound, and the LDS CIRCLE ranch ponds surrounding the I-90 Easton, Washington freeway exits. ~ ~ With the unique exception of those very slow flowing low elevation creeks in our state; like the Pilchuck in Stanley, etc. ~ ~ PS PAUL GARRISON: The nice thing about there being no more FAA authority to worry about in our own private physically transfigured post-earthquake world-reality in REV.16, is that you are already well experienced enough to fly any and all of those extra big private 737/757 size jets like Donald Trump uses. ~ ~ Personally speaking, Rusty's little pond-jumper G6 jet is just too small and uncomfortable for me and my wives in the long run. ~ ~ That is if I want to be hopping around the world for the next 50 years or so from London, England to Vancouver, British Columbia, and then back again to Florence, Italy. ~ ~ Besides, I want an older and more seasoned pilot who has the kind of life-experience needed to handle all of my physical transportation needs. And not some hot-dog pilot from Dallas, Texas or Tel Aviv, Israel.

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