Thursday, August 20, 2015


It turned out that LAGGIES was Providentally meant to become the follow up to Jennifer Aniston's latest pretend FRIENDS sitcom wedding. Which was described in the prophetic time-line movie as simply, "...shit...shit...shit..." Since it was shot in Seattle right around the same time after Justin Theroux had gotten down on his knees and proposed to the star of [Any Adam Sandler movie that comes to mind.] ~ ~ Ergo, the sudden 7-day disappearance of Rosie's lost daughter of Israel was a reflection of the lost 17ish look alike teens in LAGGIES. ~ ~ You may ask yourself; How do I know this? ~ ~ Well, just before Jen got "married" yet again on 8.5, I dreamed that she was having a nice relaxing evening with her boyfriend Vince Vaughn while watching some interesting old movie. Then I walked up to her on the sofa, and without even asking, she begin to suck my cock dry. Meanwhile, VV just kept watching the tv film screening without even looking over at us. ~ ~ They don't call me the invisible man for no reason. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: You definitely have have your work cut out for you when the younger men start to challenge you as the king of the hill in Hollywood, at for instance at: ~ ~ Actually you don't have a chance, if I may speak frankly. ~ ~ That is, and unless, Donald Trump comes up with the kind of big money tax free cash that both of us need right now in order to shut down everything that is going on at CAA, etc.

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