Sunday, August 16, 2015


I wasn't sure about the timing. But I went ahead and watched LAGGIES Saturday night anyway. And when I saw the same day 8.15 date beside the sign that says "PAPER TIGER, OPENING SOON!" I knew that I was right, as usual. ~ ~ Wherein Jennifer Aniston just married her Rod Serling portrait look alike in confirmation of the movie's Sam Rockwell look alike fiancee husband, whatevvverr, marrying Keira Knightley's naive younger Mormon missionary man in the south of France. ~ ~ See the PLAN B PRODUCTIONS B-movie look alike for Providential starters, at: ~ ~ Then cut to the physically transfigured Renee Zellweger look alike in LAGGIES who actually had picked out her engagement ring at TIFFANYS online. ~ ~ Leading up to the Miley Cyrus look alike who suddenly appears at Keira's house in north Seattle. ~ ~ Shortly before she breaks up with her husband at SEATAC. [My future X FACTOR wife also left me for good inside of the UNITED terminal at SEATAC in November, 1979.] For when today's 727' Wenatchee area wildfire punishment would be burning at the mouth of America's snake shaped lake in Washington. That stands for the Adam and Eve apple country metaphors in GEN.1 ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: The best two look alike jokes in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL involve George Clooney and Woody Heraldson. Hence, that look alike prisoner ring leader who just got it out in California. ~ ~ Remember, I only agree to co-star in David Lynch's next Mormon cult movie series that will be shot at the same time that Woody Allen is also shooting his next serial movie about Mormon polygamist swingers. ~ ~ If and only something really big happens. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ It's a whole new ball game now; pretty soon anyway.

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