Tuesday, August 11, 2015


There is a reason why Rush Limbaugh often refers to himself as, "The mayor of Realville." As just confirmed by the news out of Sacrament, California that Jerry Brown has ordered all of his 666 statism employees in his rapidly browning draught-stricken [brown bear] state to no longer utter the word 'alien'. ~ ~ Probably because Rusty called him "Governor Moonbeam" one too many times. ~ ~ Not to mention Clyde Lewis' courageous ongoing midnight cowboy talk radio shows that have been exposing the truth about today's UFO alien invasion that the mainstream media refuses to reveal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KING: Today's inequality problems have nothing to do with limited government, and everything to do with apostate Christianity. ~ ~ In my world, even the guys who can only find a job picking up trash along Church Lake Road in Bonney Lake, Washington, still get the nice house and the nice wife. ~ ~ For example, my wife was inspired by God to acquire her 13 bedrooms estate in Wales. Because back in 1974 I gave up my dream job of being a fly fishing guide in Wales in order to marry my X. And in return for my troubles, I never experienced such fantastic brown trout top-fly fishing in my life. Which I fully expect to enjoy again when I hook up with both Elizabeth Hurley and Evangeline Lilly, respectively.

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