Monday, August 3, 2015


They shot most of IT in British Columbia. Much of it taking place along my kind of favorite small creek full of native coastal cutthroat trout in the 5" to 9" range. ~ ~ As confirmed by the latest black magic report about that same-age bat boy who was killed on Sunday in Witchita, Kansas at: ~ ~ Naturally, "It was just luck." if one were to ask Woody Allen about it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ COIN TRICK NOTES: I got an "Old Man of the Mountain" New Hampshire quarter in my change when I bought my used copy of FADING GIGOLO for just a buck plus tax at SAFEWAY the other day. ~ ~ DARK NOTES: RR is also from British Columbia. Therefore see his new inspired trailer that was obviously Taylor made to appear on Barack Obama's 8.4 birthday at: ~ ~ 2BC NOTES: The 2BC's prophet named Walter was a miner who originally worker in the underground mines of British Columbia. Hence that flooded sewer structure in the above movie that looks like today's flooded-out REV.12 Relief Mine in Salem, Utah. ~ ~ GIRLY MAN NOTES: The Sodom and Egypt character in IT, who always needs to suck [Bee Jay] cock whenever he can't breath like a normal guy, is featured in IT as the Brown Thrush birdie in the stinky brown hole in the big mansion that represents today's Greek White House in Wash. DC. ~ ~ DEATH NOTICE NOTES: Take a long hard look at this person at:

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