Saturday, August 8, 2015


In THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy, the [666] prisoners of forced love and forced smiles escape from their old no.19 luxury hotel look alike prison using the exact same elaborate and daring scheme that was used by those killers who escaped from prison in Clinton County, New York; located in the mountains just off of Rt.190. ~ ~ Of course the rich Israelitish hotel located among the lost ten tribes of Israel is a now aging, run down, and desecrated Buddhist temple in the mountains metaphor. Why the fuck do you think that the movie's concierge is an archetype homage to the crazy repetitive GSR/TWN writer in THE SHINING? ~ ~ [Jennifer Aniston is a very rich older TM meditation woman who is still quite fuckable.] ~ ~ Who once upon a time took the negro AMTRAK train back up to Seattle in 1990 at the same time that Madonna's 1989 hit song LIKE A PRAYER was rolling out strong on the pop music [map] charts, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OLD FILM BUDDY NOTES: At the end of his torturous divorce proceedings from Madonna, an exhausted and beat up Guy Richie simply referred to his X-wife as "It" in various interviews. As in, "It rubs the lotion on it's skin." to paraphrase SILENCE OF THE LAMBS; shot in 1990. ~ ~ Mind you, this was light years before transgenderism and FOX NEWS was all the rage. ~ ~ FUCKING ASSHOLE NOTES: That huge gas pipe explosion in Obama's Colorado happened on the same day of the RNC debate; due east of Rush Limbaugh's historic DAN'S BAKE SALE location in Fort Collins. Because it says in EZE.38 that the white people of Israel are going to have to build a new strong and mighty fortress around themselves in DAN.9 if they expect to survive the mainstream media threats in the form of Geraldo Rivera et al. ~ ~ Think taking the gas pipe in RADIO DAYS is about the orgasm gas chamber in SLEEPER. ~ ~ IT NOTES: Apparently today's Canadian homogaysexual figure in IT died in some kind of a tragic back ally sleep walking accident. In confirmation that Jennifer Anistion and Justin Theroux are still living in the same fantasy world as that FOX bimbo who tried to fuck with Trump. But only ended up looking like my sexy Harry Potter wife who gets royally fucked in the ass. If you know what I mean for example like at: ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I think vaginal sex is better than anal sex. But it never hurts that much to switch things around once in awhile. Just to know how the other side feels. ~ ~

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