Saturday, June 25, 2016


I was as surprised as anyone else when I learned that God the Father of Beverly Hills ran a full-page $900 ad in the Post Falls, Idaho area to find me a suitable Hollywood spouse at: ~ The Fourth of July Canyon being right there next to Kingston and all that jazz. ~ Both of which are located at the top of God's amazing Alfred Hitchcock silhouette logo for his 1950-60s television series at: ~ Which itself is topped off by Lookout Pass, Little Joe Mtn. and Illinois Peak. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: Okay, my surefire idea about over-insuring some fashionable old restored brick building in Chicago's downtown club scene was shot down by your real estate investment broker wife. ~ So how about you and the boys get together now and put a couple of big ones down on Trump to win in 2016 with the London bookies? ~ Ever seen that swinging [REV.9] 70s movie about financial fornication called THE STING? At: ~ ~ The one that Robert Shaw didn't want to do. But his wife made him do it anyway. ~ Just like she also made him do FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. ~ And then incredibly, the stiff necked dude also did not want to do JAWS. ~ But it ended up working out pretty damn good for his Hollywood movie acting career. ~ NEW READER NOTES: The capitol Roman letters 'VV' is a 5/5 ten virgins thing.~ 50/50 NOTES: Half of the ending to THE BREAKUP happens at the end of the movie. ~ And the other half of the movie's meaning is explained in the DVD's alternative second-half time ending. ~

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