Thursday, June 30, 2016


Another "...kindhearted person who cared about people." was knocked off of his medicine wheel mountain bike and partially eatin by a big brown nigger metaphore at: ~ Say what you will about the niggers rioting on Wednesday night in WAYNE'S WORLD's Miller Time town in Milwaukee. ~ Stupid white naive fools with blond hair, who ride their bicycles all over west LA like Ed Begley Jr. does, are just begging for it. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: If you are looking for a little Hanna Montana love shack that is even better than that really sweet one that Sandra Bullock already has in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; make an offer on this sick shag pad at: ~ The nice thing about having more than one [HBO BIG LOVE] wife is that in the end of the episode, they usually like to give each other a hand up, and not a hand down. ~ HOWARD JOHNSON NOTES: Mr.Johnson cannot become the leader of London, England until the two witnesses' 1260 days prophecy in REV.11-12-13 is fulfilled. ~ Think NOTTING HILL:II meets FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL:II meets THE FULL MONTY:II. ~ I'm thinking Emma Roberts is the first movie's love child; and then we go from there. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: All things considered, I might just be your husband's older brother who takes care of all your needs after he dies, metaphysically speaking. ~ And then he comes back to you in an erotic dream like 15 minutes later in the first NFL halftime play period resurrection. ~ Believe me you. ~ If God wants me to fuck you on a regular basis until your actual husband returns, I will do it and not ask any questions. ~ Have faith. Be patient. ~ If you really and truly believe in your heart that Tom Brady is supposed to be your eternal lover husband forever and ever. ~ That's your inspired decision, and not my own private carnal minded macho man decision. ~ I just fuck whoever God tells me to fuck while acting like I AM is her fantasy middle man match-maker actor husband. ~

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