Monday, June 6, 2016


Dan Aykrod called 911 yesterday in 1941's AREA CODE 310 because his stomach became so painfully bitter after he ate that little sweet-ass-honey book in REV.10. ~ ~ Which was the same small GSR/TWN decoder note book that Hitler autographed for Indiana Jones in Berlin, Germany, [think Vermont]. ~ ~ Therefore, Aykrod's crystal skull vodka from Canada came out in the same year that the abomination of desolation in DANIEL was made the president of America during the 1290 days era of the two witnesses. ~ ~ According to: ~ ~ In other words, Dr.Evil's strange looking dark skinned aliens at have now taken over the New Jerusalem. Even the same native American BM darkies who regularly show up at Donald Trump's anti illegal alien rallies and start rioting. ~ ~ CUE: ~ ~ Obviously, Spielberg's REV.13 crystal skulls adventure down in BM country was a physical transfiguration prophecy about certain older men who still got it; like Mel Gibson and Jeff Goldblum. ~ ~ "Would it be bragging if I said that I don't need VIAGRA?" Larry King, 2008. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRYSTAL SKULL NOTES: The legacy of the fake 13 crystal skulls' [fake birth certification] origins rolled out around the same time that Bernie Sanders' Jewish Karl Marx forerunner in London was trying to counterfeit the Kingdom of God, at: ~ ~ This being the satanic REV.12 accuser and his political partner wife in ROSEMARY'S BABY. Who wants to make everybody equal by force of law. ~ ~ Which is the original 1941ish Germanic Hebrew mark of the 666 beast on the [FACEBOOK] face of today's new and improved, and always being updated, beast in REV.13. ~ ~ Those fake 13 crystal skulls were actually made in pre Nazi [ISAIAH 11:1] Germany, yada yada. ~ ~ Which at the time was about 60% Ephraimite, and 40% Judah. ~ ~ MUD RACE NOTES: Jesus the everloving and tolerant Jew, all full of grace, often healed the blind white trailor trash people in VEGAS VACATION, etc. after rubbing dirty brown river mud into their eyes. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ CHRISTMAS VACATION:2 NOTES: Hell why not? Think Christmas season 2016. ~ ~ Maybe there is something afterall to Randy Quaid's "Hollywood Star Wacker" conspiracy theories. ~ ~ SEE IT AT: ~ ~

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