Wednesday, June 15, 2016


That 'little guy' who was kidnapped by an alligator at the GRAND FLORIDIAN represented the alligator briefcase full of ransom cash for the little guy marxist concept in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ Since his Graves family is from the Boys Town area of Omaha; for the Father Flanagan values promoted in the movie at: ~ As just confirmed by the 4x4 wreck that killed the college president in the Coens' Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood of the twin cities at: ~ Note the Marxist single red rose reference surname. ~ In other words, America's acceptance of homosexually is a direct threat to the innocent little men of Boys Town, USA. ~ And what happened at PULSE was just a free sample [COSTCO] tasting of what comes next. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE: That sudden 4-lane sinkhole in the northern CAPITOL STUDIOS of Canada is the pit of captivity that has been prepared for those who led us into the REV.13 type tyranny of Barack Obama. ~ ANNIE HALL NOTES: The prophetic meaning of Donald Trumps' June 14, 2016 birthday is introduced in the film's elementary classroom full of little guys. ~ Eventually, the mysterious "Mr.Skank" person at the end of HAIL,CAESAR is going to figure out why g-d keeps letting America bleed. ~ ~ What? You want to deny the well organized militia assault rifle rights of the US Constitution to Americans who are on some kind of an Orwellian "watch list" created by negros, homosexuals, and Jewish communists? ~ Good luck with that one. ~ Everyone knows anyway that Obama is not even a fact-checked US Citizen. ~ PS FACEBOOK: Looks like it's high time to clean house, starting at the top. ~ A fish always rots from the head [face] down. ~ So you might as well kick in your last 10% now for my next 1000 movie fantasies. ~ Before your company's start-up stock is only worth like about $1 per share. ~ RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: Anonymous sour/ces are now saying that the NYT's stock value is quickly approaching the one buck figure. ~

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