Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The girl of my many 29 year-old wives dreams showed up at that NETFLIX event at Monday's 1951 era PARAMOUNT theater in Hollywood for HAIL, CAESAR's basic idea about putting moral Catholic/Jewish values back into popular entertainment, at: ~ What? You still don't believe in the Old Testament's teachings about having 7 wives per guy in ISAIAH 4:1? ~ "Then there is no pleasing you... Dutch hater!!" AP:III: GOLDMEMBER. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JUNE 14 NOTES: Donald Trump, the next President of America according to the 70s era ANNIE HALL Brooklyn, NY Jew prophecy, turned 70 on the same damn day that a 7' alligator grabbed that 2 year-old toddler at DISNEY WORLD's fancy hotel resort and golf club on "outdoor movie night". ~ Per HAIL, CAESAR!'s many 1951 period DISNEY movies. ~ ~ The Seven Seas Lagoon setting being about the SWINGING DINGHY musical number for gay ass sailers in tigh white pants in the picture at about 50:50 minutes into it. ~ Where the scenario's bar keeper is played by Rush Limbaugh; with a big brown Cuban "slow burn" cigar in his mouth. ~ PS DONELL WILLEY: I got my eye on you. ~ One more screw up and you are fired. ~ And don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. ~

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