Saturday, June 11, 2016


Princess Christina got shot at a BEFORE YOU EXIT concert in her pretty little foolish girl FACEBOOK head at Hanna Montana's DISNEY Orlando, Florida before the BREXIT IT vote on the 23rd happens in London for a reason. ~ ~ Her being so semi famous for her superb song and dance covers of Miley Cyrus' greatest dizzy girl hits. ~ ~ Furthermore, the VOICE of God message took place at the PLAZA for a Providential TRUMP PLAZA prophecy, circa 2016. ~ ~ On the same damn day that the S&P 500 closed down 19.41, LA alien UFO invasion time. ~ ~ And there was a royal sire us number earthquake orgasm omen near the royal Coachelle trout fly map location at exactly 1:04 am Picasso time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MITT: What is so wrong with a little bit of racism? Just as long as it's not hateful or discriminatory. ~ ~ Obviously, you have probably never even spent one hour of real life hang time with the bros. ~ ~ Jesus dude. Do you not realize how naive and lilly white you sound when you read your owe quotes in the con-text of the liberal Jewish aethist media? ~ ~ Believe it not, there are a few other sacred books out there besides the so called 'New Testament'. ~ ~ LATE NIGHT NOTES: Johnny Carson's "mahvelious" looking Scottish Ed McMahon sidekick who always introduced me during the Reaganite 1980s was a Donald Trump forerunner figure, at: ~ ~ "HERE... COMES...JOHNNY!!" Jack Nicholson in the fancy hotel resort in THE SHINNING; costarring my crazy Mt. Hood, Oregon wife code named Carey Mulligan. ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: I like my salt&peppered eggs over easy, circa DARK PASSAGE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM, San Francisco style, 2016. ~ ~ PS OLD FASHION AM CBS RADIO: More biased news reports in favor of Donald trump; less biased anti white American attitude propaganda in favor of Hillary Clinton. ~ The great big pitty party politics of 21ist century fascism is over. ~ ~

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