Thursday, June 9, 2016


Two of those seriously injured Saint Andrews church sponsored [PEE WEE HERMAN virgin] bicyclers in the 5500 block of Cooper, Michigan were taken to the BRONSON HOSPITAL after they were mowed down by a 50/50 year-old guy named Charles. ~ ~ In confirmation of my posting about Charles Bronson type revenge films; such as DEATH WISH, 1974 and DEATH WISH:II. ~ ~ "Choose your poison..." Professor Phillip Spartano, BYU, 1974; regarding my Catholic TOUR DE FRANCE exwife. ~ ~ The last time I saw Bronson, I was walking along the sidewalk as he was driving out of the basement garage of his Redondo Beach condo. ~ ~ Oddly enough, he recognized me before I recognized him. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Laurence Pierson rather liked the idea of having Neve Campbell for a future soul sister wife. ~ ~ Then later I read about that huge muddy 4-lanes wide sink hole opening up nextdoor to the capitol of Canada. And that Neve was so glad that there are not any politicians in Canada like Donald Trump. ~ ~ Probably because she got so freaked out by her look alike opera singer sister who fainted on stage in the midnight AM radio anti-reds temple curtains of satan in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ PS MS CAMPBELL: It goes without saying that you had the very sexy fit and trim body of a 29 year-old in the above erotic dream scenario. ~ ~ Ergo, when you look at yourself in the full length mirror these days, just ignore it. ~ ~ Think BLAME IT ON RIO's upcoming crazy Greek summer nights games that will be about me and you hanging out on Adriana Lima's yacht. ~ ~

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