Friday, June 17, 2016


It happened because g-d wants my friend Donald Trump to become the next President of the free world; a.k.a North America, including Mexico. ~ And God wants me to become the next [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] King of England and France, including northern Italy; per ANNIE HALL meets SHAMPOO and PLAY IT AGAIN SAM in all of those expatriot Stanley Ku/brick masonite movies. ~ That is only after 'The Don' casino mob Jew in TAXI DRIVER meets THE KING OF COMEDY receives an official endorsement by Howard Stern on his retro AM/FDR radio days show. ~ Oh yeah, after Trump wins New York and New Jersey it will be all over in the blink of an eye. ~ PER: ~ "I can see you're out of aces..." Kenny Rogers. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: My executive secretary in the movie named Natalie looks like Natalie Merchant. ~ ~ Wherein the Jewish Gods of Hollywood hook me up with a hot 29ish Latino babe who talks like Ornella Fresh does in STAR MAPS, 1997, at: ~ Reportedly, this weekend the full moon of the powerful London werewolf surnamed 'Relf' will hook up with my sexy 1987ish Sagittarius wife from Napoli named Donatella Grecco, according to: ~ SECRET MYSTIC PIZZA SAUCE NOTES: Michael assured me recently that it is OK if my undereducated and low information brainwashed wives are FFING some other guy who yours truly also likes as much for now. ~ Just as long as all of them are willing to pay me the full amount in tax free off shore ransom cash money for your sins, as manifested in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS, yada, yada... ~ Works for me. ~ For example, in that inspired prophetic Hollywood financed English art film called AN EDUCATION, which was about my underaged vigirn wife Carey Mulligan sucking on my cock in [LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II], etc. Suddenly everything becomes as crystal clear as a coastal cutthroat trout stream on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, at: ~ PS HOWARD STERN: The fate of the entire free world and western civilization now rests in your hands.

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