Thursday, June 23, 2016


Once racism, homophobia, anticommunism, and Old Testament type HBO BIG LOVE polygamy become Constitutionally legal again in America, circa 1776 meets 2016, that huuuge wild and crazy guy Hollywood wrap party that everyone in, [HOTEL CALIFORNIA] is secretly hoping will happen again, circa 1951, will erupt with a feverish and horny hound dog revengeance. ~ There is simply no denying it. ~ The white christian Israelitish peoples of the New World long to breath free. ~ Which is why they left the arrogant and sofficating high society of Victorian England in the first place back in the olden days. ~ And which probably will not happen again until that extremely humbling retro 1980s style AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON prophecy happens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GAME TIME NOTES: My gamey ham actor persona in HAIL, CAESAR is about what happens to the unbaptized somewhere along Hwy.101 in 2016. ~ STARS WARS NOTES: Anton's backsliding CHEROKEE crushed his lungs against that brick mason sign at the bottom of Evergreen Drive hill in Bonney Lake, Washington for the many fag smoker cock-sucker motifs in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ ARTISTIC NOTES: Here is a look at those amazingly inspired national park portraits of the creepy looking white negro with a snake penis in his mouth, at: ~ By the Hand of God, she was convicted in Ornella Fresh's adopted home town of Fresno, California of desecrating America's blatantly unconstitutional national park red rocks just days before the desecration of abomination started his 100th anniversary tour of the same damn places. ~ VIVA LAS VEGAS VIEWER NOTES: This iconic King Elvis movie was about the white racist racism white horse race for the White House in 2016. ~ Where we see that country music AM talk-radio station that is 100% behind Donald Trump right before and up to the finish line. ~ FLASH NOTES: Last week in an old fashion flash camera light bulb vision, g-d showed me that my next project is MOON OF THE WOLF, 1972. So I checked it out on wiki and saw it's 9:26 confirmation of it's 9.26 debut on TV in 1972. Then I saw that the network's movie-of-the-week was shot in Clinton, Louisiana; near a small town called Slaughter. ~ PS WOODY: If the exclusive breaking news gossip reports are true about you having just cast Kate Winslet in your own private version of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE; we're pretty much even Steven by now. ~

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