Wednesday, June 8, 2016


They reopened the African gorilla zoo in Ohio with a new and improved Donald Trump type barrier [wall], that is now 42" higher, on the same day that Hillary Clinton officially declared herself by super-fiat delegation to be the Democrat Party's follow up to the man-with-a-tan who was born in Africa. ~ ~ Then later that same day, 5 foolish medicine-wheel peddling virgins were killed by a beer drinking pickup truck man in the 5500 block north of Kalama/zoo, Michigan. ~ ~ Which is the same state that looks like the great [5 lakes] white shark in JAWS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LA STORY NOTES: Don't ask me why. But there are two separate places on my RM map called Westwood that are located near the 5 bicyclers omen; next to Dickinson Field Park. To the west is Twin Lakes; which may have something to do with FBI Agent Cooper in the new TWIN PEAKS series that will be coming out on SHOWTIME in the same year that Trump becomes President. ~ ~ Per that muted trumpet in MULHOLLAND DR. etc. ~ ~ CRYSTAL SKULL STUFF: They filmed the jungle scenes for INDIANA JONES: 4 in Hawaii; probably where they also shot JURASSIC PARK, at: ~ ~ PS BERNIE: You are my sidekick's little virgin Jew boy bitch. ~ ~ If you were a real grown up white man, you would be meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday. And not with my African American monkey sidekick in all of those 1930-40s Hollywood made Tarzan movies that end with trumpeting stampeding elephants. ~ ~ Dude, more Jerry Lewis, less Larry David. ~ ~

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