Wednesday, June 29, 2016


That spectacular Fourth of July fireworks head-on train collision in the Texas panhandle, due north of old Route 666 Conway and Washburn, was confirmation of the heavy-handed iron frying pan that Donald Trump uses to kill the illegal alien Latino dog-meat figure in EATING RAOUL; costarring me fucking a 29ish Keira Knightly behind her boring husband's back. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ [The 1960s legendary Rt.66 parallels today's new and improved I-40.] ~ Yes, it's all true. ~ See every low budget road movie ever made. ~ Trump is the new Reagan, who everyone on the left thought was just a big joke back in 1980. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANCES WITH WOLVES NOTES: The shootings at DANCE STUDIO 74 in Fort Worth, Texas were about my cowboy persona's first real dialogue acting gig in MERRILY WE DANCE in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ MISTIC RIVER NOTES: Those two phony transsexuals running for office in the two Rocky Mountains states who are both named 'Misty' are a Providential GORILLAS IN THE MIST reference to the new 666 mountain ape beast in SLEEPER, etc. at: . ~ Note the enclosed ugly and fat Rosie O'Donnell look alike at: ~ "Rosie is a deviant." Donald Trump. ~ Dare I say it? ~ You're just another cheap sex transsexual man in a dress if you don't have the balls to get a full Monty sex change operation. ~ You want it?.. You got it.. But you have to earn it. ~

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