Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I 8 IT BACK IN 1980

They were still making rather risky cutting-edge movies about me like AMERICAN GIGIOLO and THE SHINING meets CADDYSHACK when the wife of my youth left me for an older man in Washington County, Oregon. ~ Per all of those crazy Catholic school girl 8-sided baptism font icons in HAIL, CAESAR, at: ~ Wherein 'Curely' gets baptised by the crazy lazy full moon in a baptismal font that was meant for cowboy horses. ~ Then that other person, who is also me, a.k.a THE KING OF THE COWBOYS, starts singing about those lazy full moon [] Mormons who are now too well off and comfortable to take any risks that might upset the apple cart status quo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NAPOLEON DYNAMITE NOTES: That 8-sided crystal ash tray at the end of the twelve apostles' conference table in HAIL, CAESAR means that there will certainly be a sequel to the original low budget BYU, Twin Falls, Idaho movie about Donal Trump becoming the Scotish Loch Ness Monster class President of America's immature highschool politics in 2016. ~ PLAYBOY CASTLE NOTES: Let's shoot NP:II with an older Paul Nestor look alike photographer played by that mormon Napoleon Dynamite actor from Salem, Oregon who still looks like Paul Nestor, circa 1981. ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: So what. No matter how much I beat you up, you always come back up for air with a smile on your face in the end. ~ It's pretty hard to keep a good man down. ~ PS HILLARY CLINTON: You will never become the President of America in a thousand years. ~ It's just not in the [trump] cards. ~

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