Thursday, June 2, 2016


I had already decided to see Spielberg's prophecy about Trump's surprise Nazi submarine invasion of California that had driven everybody into a mad panic; entitled 1941. ~ ~ When all of a sudden those news reports started to roll out prematurely about a THUNDERBIRD crashing at Obama's graduation speech in Colored/ado; a navy BLUE ANGEL jet crashing in Tenn; and those US ARMY soilders being washed away in Fort Hood, Texas by yet more Biblical REV.12 flooding, somewhere near a little place called Bruceville-Eddy. ~ ~ This being the 1979 movie's JAWS opening about the beast attacking the rich REV.17 lady in pearls who gets off on her B-17 throatle stick. ~ ~ Then the panicked Hillary Clintin ladies standing next to the two witnesses' radio broadcast cry out, "They bombed [Obama's] Pearl Harbor!!.. Now they're gonna come here!!" Like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ X-MASS NOTES: 1941 takes place in liberal Hollywood, circa 2016. Per the movie's many vintage WWII planes that have the painted up Jezebel whore faces of the great white shark. ~ ~ And their wings and bodies are tattooed all over with the famous white star logo of today's Seattle based STARBUCKS. ~ ~ JAP NOTES: In 1941, J.A.P. means screaming 'Jewish American Princesses'. ~ ~ Like when the civil war in REV.16 breaks out in 2016 at the CRYSTAL BALLROOM during X-Mass season. Wherein the Army brown shirts from Orange County go at it with the navy blue uniform sailors from the Gay Area. ~ ~ INSANE NOTES: The so obvious looking white christian Republican Party General in the above Stanley Kubrick homage to IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD says that California is in a "...state of insanity." ~ ~ GOSSIPY NOTES: In the 1941 prophecy about the first beast, who miraculously transforms into the new and improved and more civilized democratic fascism beast, the prophetic mother Mrs.Douglas is now living in today's Area Code 310. And she looks a lot like Lady Gaga, circa 2017. ~ ~ DUMBO NOTES: Arnold Schwarzenegger got charged by that [Donald] trumpeting bull elephant in all of my FDR era TARZAN adventure movies because he needs it. ~ ~

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