Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Colonel Sanders' anticapitalist weathermen storm troopers, who love the original spicy recipe for his 1960s take-out buckets full of fried chicken, are now going to be attacking the third wayer prince in DANIEL from every direction on their R/M compass map lines. ~ ~ And nobody will be able to come to his defence; not even crooked Hillary er all. ~ ~ Who has already taken sides with all of those aging marxist niggers in Oakland, California who still hate the capitalist pig cops in THE GRADUATE meets SHAMPOO. ~ ~ So it is written. ~ ~ So shall it be. ~ ~ "And even Austin Powers can't stop me." AP III: GOLDMEMBER. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MATCH POINT NOTES: Banning some legally blond Russian tennis player celebrity for two years is as ridiculous as saying that Obama's birth certificate is a doped up fakery. ~ ~ OH MY GOD!!... Somebody got caught cheating!! ~ ~ Stop the presses!! ~ ~ PS MS MONTANA: Don't stop now. ~ ~ Daddy wants you to keep sucking on it. ~ ~ PS MEL: So far, so good. ~ ~ However, now it's high time for you to step up and take responsibly for all of those hot young co-stars who you were fucking on the side in your production movie trailers in the 80s and 90s. ~ ~ While you were still married to that apostate religion Church of England cunt who is surely going to hell because she is not a real Mormon Catholic like Glenn Beck is, er all. ~ ~ Be very careful. ~ ~ There are a lot of selfish women out there who want to be married to you and your money; just as long as you get rid of your girlfriends. ~ ~ More Jodie Foster, Britney Spears, and Kristen Stewart; less Julia Roberts and Debra Messing. ~ ~

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