Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Last night in a dream, g-d showed me that the 7 mountains beast in REV.17 is a pathetic suicidal figure. ~ Then he gave me three living examples to consider of persons who have no genuine [THE FULL MONTE] eternal life prospects; Jim Car/rey, Evangeline Lilly, and Bruce Willis. ~ Yes, all three of them will be ressurrected in the flesh and live forever and ever; if you call that living. ~ Later, I understood why that wildcat mountain lion attacked the little guy north of Aspen, Colorado; in the exact area where the star [Kevin COSTCO] of DANCING WITH WOLVES has a sweet spread with his own private trout pond, off of Rt.82. ~ Per Woody Allen's last days prophecy about Ken Kemp and Ken McLeod attending the SCHOOL OF PROPHETS in the wild west wilderness, entitled SLEEPER. ~ Which was the very second movie that I saw in Greenwood, Seattle after returning from my acting gig in ROMA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2BC.INFO STUDY NOTES: According to the revealed Word at 2bc.info, many of today's decadent milk chocolate loving [D&C 86] Mormons are going to commit suicide when they find out who the two witnesses are. ~ DC 133 NOTES: According to the many Internet prophets among the lost tribes of Israel, it will only be safe for Sandra Bullock er all to partnership with their real estate investment girlfriends and invest in the PLAYBOY mansion project, etc. etc. Once the real men of northern Israel come forward and elect that tall blond Jew in SHAMPOO, namely Donald Trump, to become their protective President of the real America in 2016. ~ Think MISS CONGENITALLY: II meets HOPE FLOATS:II at some TRUMP CASINO in that repetitive Las Vegas vacation SNL skits sequel starring Chevy Chase, yada yada. ~ Then of course I become the King David person of England with the $104,000,000 cock. ~ STEPFATHER NOTES: Every once in awhile back in Seattle, 1970, my stepfather Leslie Winn would suddenly break out in song and start singing that very same RED ARMY CHOIR number at the end credits of HAIL, CAESRA!

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