Wednesday, June 1, 2016


"Everyone loves the big monkey..." said Dino De Laurentiis. Who himself produced this remarkable remake sequel of it shortly after Laurence left me at: ~ ~ Following up on his prophetic two witnesses 911 forerunner movie about it that featured those two tall towers of Judah and Ephraim in NYC when I was still shackled to her in 1976, at: ~ ~ Therefore, that big African monkey who was shot at the Cincinnati, Ohio zoo of George Clooney was aping that giant no.31 [JERAMIAH 31] negro who was shot dead in Dallas on the same day at: ~ ~ And for a second witness, 69 people were killed in Barack Obama's Chicago on the same weekend; most of them African Americans. ~ ~ Remember, the murder rate statistics in America are about the same in England. ~ ~ That is if you leave out the African Caribbean negro immigrant factor; legal or otherwise. And you compare only oranges with oranges, and not greenish apples with greenish oranges. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRESSED DUCK L'ORANGE HAIR TIPS: In the 007 [1985] prophecy entitled A VIEW TO A KILL... Today's Donald duck hair job figure at the Scottish castle PLAYBOY mansion orgy in SHAMPOO meets EATING RAOUL wins the state of California in the general election, circa 2016. ~ ~ I mean think about it. After having a well known homosexual half Jew for a fake president for the past crazy-8 years, who wants to have another old lesbian President from Chicago for the next 8 years? ~ ~

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