Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I got mad and descended into my current royal Scottish James Bond PLAYBOY swinger dark period madness mode back around the same time when my evil detractors at SNL and MAD magazine were driving me mad with their never ending surreal skits about me; and now Donald Trump by proxy. ~ ~ Think TAXI DRIVER meets THE KING OF COMEDY. ~ ~ Which almost always ended with their mighty line that went, "...keeping it classy." ~ ~ Now being confirmed on a daily bases by the grown up Jew boys at the NYT who probably have kept every single comic book that they ever bought while growing up in Brooklyn and Queens. ~ ~ Think SEINFELD meets ALL IN THE FAMILY. ~ ~ No shit Sherlock, Archey Bunker played my stepfather Leslie Winn in the seriocomic sitcom that debuted on January, 12, 1971; just two weeks before I went on my LDS mission to Roma, Italia. ~ ~ And his prematurely balding son-in-law nicknamed 'Meathead' was played by my long lost blood brother Kit Winn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KATE MOSS: After seeing those new pix of you having a little fun with that blue boy who has a little royal sire pipe between his legs in Picasso's $104,000,000 painting of me, I watched SPECTRE; for the first time ever. ~ ~ PS JEFF RELF: I need you to repent and humble yourself and let me buy you a sweet ass 2bc.info type resort beach condo inheritance situation somewhere in [OCTOPUSSY] East India. Where a 20-pack of MARLBORO still only costs about 20 cents. ~ ~ And one can still hire a 15 year-old girl to cook up your vegan curry rice dinner and then suck off your cock for deserts; for only about a dollar a day. ~ ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Don't worry yourself so much... You are doing the right thing for me now. ~ ~ Therefore, just relax and sit back on that brown leather sofa that I had bought for my sexy French exwife in Sugar Town, Utah in 1979. And spread apart those beautifull long legs that you have and let daddy take care of everything else that your little heart desires. ~ ~ PER: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Juan_DeMarco ~ ~

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