Wednesday, May 11, 2016


At around 42:00 into JAWS, the short scruffy Jewish shark expert wearing a WWII navy [SAILOR DOG] skull cap says that the AURORA shark boat is "...a floating asylum." ~ ~ For the 42 months commencent screaming at the [BATMAN BEGINS] 42 months prophecy in Obama's Aurora, Colorado at a 20/16 multiplex movie theater. ~ ~ Ergo, when the Democrat Reagan looking mayor tells the liberal media reporter that they caught the REV.13 sea tiger shark, we see a Barry Obama boy from the Hawaii iislands in the background. ~ ~ Therefore, we see my exwife's French mother at 1:00 when everyone is panicking about the new great white Donald Trump. ~ ~ Which is why the Jewish protagonist's wife looks like Lady Gaga. Who sees herself as the mother figure of all her "little monsters" who are the squared 12x12 root of 144 in REV.7, at:  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW KIDS NOTES: That major homogaysexual vacation destination at the tip of Cape Cod, Mass is the transgenger scorpion stinger prophecy in REV.9 at: ~ ~ JAWS NOTES: We see Paul Nestor's 1975ish woody station wagon driving off the ferry from Woods Hole, Mass at 54:07 in JAWS; probably headed for the island's popular nudist beach at Gay Head. ~ ~ BATMAN NOTES: Batman was a rouge billionaire white man in a black rubber wet suit who lived in a penthouse on top of a very tall dark building. ~ ~ PS DR.EVIL: Hiring 20 twenty-somethings to investigate Donald Trump is like putting an additional 20 staff members on his election campaign in the advertising department. And the best part is, you get to foot the bill. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Do you remember that stupid movie about Mr.Bean going to the Cannes Film Festival?... Just asking.

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