Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Some Bill Mahre rerun with Bernie Sanders will air this late Thursday night on HBO. In support of his renewed show there for the year 2017. ~ ~ Which will feature an older and wiser version of him with a big smile while sitting next to Elle Woods' boyfriend at the end of the LEGALLY BLOND prophecy, circa 2001. ~ ~ When Donald Trump will be the President of America; complete with a real [BORN IN THE USA] birth certificate and a genuine American birth S.S. number. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUDDY DUDDY NOTES: This same day plane crash into the REV.13 seas off Hawaii is confirmation of the watery watered-down death of Ms Fuddy. Who had truthfully confirmed that all of the incomplete information on Obama's fake computer generated birth certificate was correct. ~ ~ SEE WHAT'S REAL AT: ~ ~ PS BILL: Could be there is now the possibility of a Japanese LOST IN TRANSLATION sequel; entitled LOST IN TRANSLATION: THE PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATION. ~ ~ Wherein you run into Scarlett Johansson a decade later, and we get to watch the both of you fuck your brains out after you guys had somehow hooked up again on the Dude's vintage 51' sailor dog boat somewhere in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II; costarring Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron and those two hot underaged chicks who live up the street from David Lynch. ~ ~ Oh dear me. ~ ~ Where are we ever going to find the money to make a movie like that with that kind of casting? ~ ~ Maybe we put Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart in the picture, and make the vintage 1930s yatch a little bit longer? ~ ~ I'm thinking THE FOUR SEASONS meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER. ~ ~

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