Monday, May 2, 2016


That little Asian monkey of Egypt and sodom on my Utah mormon wife's back in INDIANA JONES AND THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK in 1981 is Barack Obama. Even the same one who betrayed Cameron Diaz er all, by circa 2016. ~ ~ Ergo, Donald Trump's prophetic latter-day saints lost temple trumpets first start to really sore high in the movie at around 12:35; when Indie discovers a big snake is goosing him in the crotch. And then the vintage WWII plane pilot shouts back, "Show a little backbone... Will ya!!" ~ ~ More Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesle, less Larry Wilmore. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
ELEVATOR MUSIC NOTES: By the end of his rain, the Purple Prince in the twin cities along I-35 was exploiting the royalty rights to his brand for some much needed big cash money up front; like right away, as in yesterday, not today. ~ ~ Which included selling it out to the distributors of elevator music and doctors' lobbies background sounds. ~ ~ PS BECK: This one is about anyone out there who is pretending to me. Who is the only one in DC 85 who can back up what I say whenever I feel like saying it, at: ~ ~ For example, that church fire from hell in Manhattan, that blew out the Church of England's main Indian medicine wheel window above the main entrance, looked like the flames roaring out of a jet engine that was piloted by ALASKA's [Russian Orthodox] Paul Garrison [Harrison Ford] hero who also looks good enough to be a Hollywood movie star. ~ ~ See it going down for real at: ~ ~ PS CBS: I AM is thinking you bring in Larry David as some kind of a 'guest host' joke for your failing pro communist midnight cowboy show. ~ ~ And then the days become weeks, and the weeks become months, and the major bucks CURB YOUR ENTHUSISM star is still sitting there behind your talk show desk. ~ ~ Before anyone ever realises that you shit canned that pompous left-wing asshole with a short haircut who wasn't exactly cutting it.
 ~ ~ PS BRUCE TROXELL: The reason why you middle centerists like George W. Bush and George Clooney have had so many problems in the middle of your backs in recent years is because all of you third way backsliders have lost your backbone. As in, "Thy sons have fainted, save these two ..." in 2NEPHI:8. ~ ~ Don't forget, I have a Cuban cigar box full of cash for you if you ever decide to snap out of it. ~ ~ FAST 8 NOTES: Yesterday I dreamed that Michelle Rodriguez invited me to come over and fuck her in the face, or whatever, face to face in her movie set production trailer in Cuba. ~ ~ Obviously, this one is about Ernest Hemingway's years living in Havana; and then later in Key West, Florida. ~ ~ For some kind of a scripted composit characterization about LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets A TOUCH OF EVIL. ~ ~ Might as well be anyway. ~ ~ Like I would ever even have the time these days to  read the script before I signed onto to it. ~ ~ Just show me where it hurts and how to hit my marks and let me do what I do. And then we all move on to my next big deal gig. ~ ~ Time is running out. ~ ~ And my A-list actress wives are not getting any younger these days.

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