Saturday, May 28, 2016


As one of Donald Trump's top political advisors, I'm recommending that he purchase the PLAYBOY mansion that looks like a castle in [007] Scotland, simply for PR reasons. ~ ~ What better way to secure the rich liberal Hollywood Jew vote? ~ ~ You want to ban all of those crazy antisemitic camel fuckers from coming to America and fucking up everything? ~ ~ You want to get a nice slice of the more successful and well off Americanos who love to golf just as much as George Lopez? ~ ~ "I'm the kind of guy who likes to party..." Says yours truly in EATING RAOUL, 1982, at: AND: ~ ~ Hey why not? ~ ~ Glenn Beck and his pussy whipped monogomist christians are not going to vote for you anyway. ~ ~ Mostly because their aging and overweight middleaged church going wives won't let them. ~ ~ Duh. ~ ~ Do you want to be stuck with some ugly old bitch with fat hips who looks like Hillary Clinton for the next crazy 8 years? ~ ~ Or do you want something better than that? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS LINDSAY LOHAN: God wants you to keep doing what you are doing. Per my recent flash vision of Russia's Putin wearing thick black frame LIZ CLAYBORNE glasses, circa Ronald Reagan 1954 meets 1984. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN & WOODY ALLEN: You two little Jewish pricks keep doing what you want on my behalf, the sooner I get what I want. ~ ~ PS TRUMP: Just when I thought that I had achieved full enlightened consciousness, God informed me that the PLAYBOY mansion is supposed to be my home away from home base in LA. ~ ~ Wherein my wives like Charlize Theron and Miranda Kerr can come and go anytime that they want; without fear of any self righteous pop culture judgemental phobias. ~ ~

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